Friday, December 19, 2008

Downtown Train

Ok, so we don't need to take the train home but we are officially living downtown.  I LOVE it!!  It's so great.  The Christmas lights look amazing outside our windows.  Things are slowly coming together inside.  Most of the boxes are gone but we don't have the shelves up in the kitchen so our dishes and stuff are all over the place.  But, I don't care because I am finally in my house.  Oh, and we don't have hot water because our tankless water heater is acting up.  We've even replaced the whole unit and the pilot just won't light.  Yeah, it's a bummer.  We've had to go and take showers at Matt's sister's house.  Oh, and we don't have cable.  No tv, no internet.  Yeah, it's a bummer.  But, I don't care because I am finally in my house.  

I will post pictures later.  We're at the coffee shop down the street and I don't have the pictures loaded on the computer yet.  
We are leaving for Florida in a couple days!  And we get to fly.  Such an answer to prayer.  We are looking forward to a vacation!
I will most likely post some pictures when we are in Florida and have internet.  We will see everyone later!

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Vicki Dees said...

Glad you are finally "home"

Look forward to the pictures.

Kerwin and Vicki.