Monday, January 26, 2009

Changes, they are a-comin'

As promised, a long time ago, we posted the pictures from our Florida excursion.  You just have to go to our home page and then click on Florida Christmas '08.  There are a lot of pictures.  

In other news, Amandromeda will be opening its doors for the first time on Friday, February 6, 2009!!  I have been working super hard getting everything ready, and while there's still loads of things to do, I feel better prepared every day and so excited to get started.  
And, just so you all know, Matt has been a big help.  He designed my logo and I have him working on a few other projects for me too.  Thanks so much, honey!
And Isaiah still doesn't know that he's going to be my "business partner" a couple days a week. Please pray that we work well together.
So stay tuned for more on the Grand Opening!

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