Friday, December 12, 2008

The new fridge

This refrigerator was a hand-me-down from my parents.  When I got it, it was an off-white color.  Not cool, so we painted it white.  Well, that got boring so we decided to wallpaper it (seriously, don't ask).  A couple weeks after that we bought new handles and rolled on some green chalkboard paint.  Super fun, but yesterday it got even another makeover: black chalkboard paint.  You can still see a little bit of the leftover green peeking out by the doors but I can't finish it until we turn it off to move, if that ever happens :(  But, I think it will look great in the loft.  Even though green is the new black, I think it looks very sleek and modern.


Allison Bellomy said...

who knew a refrigerator could have so many makeovers?!?!?! love the black, can't wait to see it in the loft! :)

Vicki Dees said...

Great to have you come by with your friends this weekend! Thanks for all you have done to decorate our house. It looks great and Vicki is so thankful for all that has been done!

We are thankful for your friendship with Cherissa and for your family being in our church.

Glad you are moved in.

Kerwin and Vicki.

christine matchell said...

Love the black!!! and love all the new fun posts! keep it up!! can't wait to see the loft!