Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been pretty busy around here lately.  Isaiah started preschool a couple weeks ago and he loves it.  I do too as a matter of fact!  He goes three mornings a week for three hours.  It is amazing how much I can get done in that amount of time!  The second day of school, Isaiah ran out to meet me when I picked him up and told me that he now has a girlfriend.  They sit by each other and play together in the gym.  She's pretty cute!

Things on the loft are coming along a bit more quickly now.  All the framing is done and it's really neat to see the rooms take shape.  I've met with the electrician and the plumbers have already started putting in some of the lines.  I love seeing all the progress.  I can't wait to move!  Matt hasn't had a chance to take pictures yet, but he should be able to soon.  
Matt and I are training again.  This time for a half marathon in Rogers.  Most of our time on the weekend is spent running.  It's fun though.  And so much less intense than marathon training.  The race is October 11th and a lot of people from our church will be running it as well.  I'm glad it'll be over soon because I'm missing a lot of football on Sunday afternoon!


rissaroe said...

Can't believe your little man is in preschool now!! Do you think you'll be moved into the loft by mid November? I'll be in town for the women's conference, and I can't wait to see your new place!!!

amandromeda said...

Hey, Rissa! We should be moved in by then. I can't wait for the conference. My mom is coming too!

Vicki Dees said...

We are looking forward to the virtual tour and the grand opening of your new home!

Kerwin and Vicki